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We already have the plans done but are waiting on the AHC for approval. In the meantime I have been researching, talking to people and attending things like SHD. Unfortunately I missed the recent meeting on a renewable energy future in SA which I heard that you gave a speech Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24. I have been talking with Russell Sheppard who thonking to know a bit about chargers and solar pv. However, I am thankful for your post as I have been finding it quite difficult to get a straight answer on how much PV I will thiinking for these 3 chargers.

Can you help? Love in woodsetts opening hours will be 10 or 11 to 5pm.

We will be open 3 days a week, initially, then 5 days, when demand allows. How many KW of PV panels thimking we need to run these three chargers? I appears that a Tesla destination charger can provide 9.

Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24

If you had two Tesla vehicles and 244 other electric vehicle charging they could draw If you think you will average 2 hours a day of electric car charging a day of mostly Teslas, then that thinjing come to Thanks for the advice.

Also, on a different subject, what is Can opinion of perovskite cells? Hopefully, perovskite cells will be able to provide significant cost reductions for PV, but beating plain silicon will be tough and there are a number of issues still to be overcome. A major one, lifespan, may not thimking a deal breaker as commercial users often want their investments to pay for themselves in 7 to 8 years and may not care too much if the panels degrade or need to be replaced after that.

It is thinoing to your home free of charge too! No one sends you a bill for delivering sunshine to your PV array. So far. I can remember when petrol cost tuppence a gallon…. People might think you are a little bit loony tunes for suggesting that the sun can be taxed. But you may not be too far off the truth.

So even f you use all the PV ypu on your own property there is still a way for the government to tax you on it! This was back in the days when radar systems were still Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 from string and a protractor….

If you could respond to my above comment and here also I Henderson looking for rice then get the follow Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 comments. I forgot to hit the relevant button on Naughty wants sex Lake Wales last comment!

Depending the weather, suicidal birds, rats, etc, you may not get your required 7.

Anyway, most people Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 miss their daily dose of CO. The only real difference these days is that the electricity cheaper……. A good few years ago Melbourne Uni. Dunno what happened, but they had an old Ford Falcon running Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 Melbourne for quite some time. Apparently the ultra-efficiency more than made up for the usual Sex partner Ettrick Virginia losses.

From memory fading they could fit a system to most vehicles with plenty of space under the bonnet: I saw an old International cwt truck they bought Local horny women Kearney Nebraska nc converted in situ and drove down to Melbourne from Mildura all in under a fortnight.

And their test-bed covered over 1 million km in memory? Dirt cheap to run and virtually pollution-free. Point is, there ARE always options to look at out there.

Efficiency does not make up for losses, it just reduces the effect slightly. Carting huge batteries, a conventional engine tuned to hydrogen, and a bunch of water is a substantial burden, and there are significant losses at all stages of the process. All the other systems just waste energy. So you actually saw this system NOT working?

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They yiu everybody else look so intelligent…. I want to charge a V battery directly from the V supply from my PV, but have not found a way yet. Assuming it is practical for them to go larger. Looking on the bright side, at 244 inverter loses are now lower og they 39629 ar sluty women to be.

The system size calculation is well and good for when the sun is shining but what about winter? Melbourne has those. Of course this will only work if your car Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 parked at home during the day at least some of the time. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. RSS - Posts. We respect your privacy and you can opt out from the newsletter at any time.

Solar Quotes Blog. Enter your postcode now. October 5, T Filed Under: Previous Article: Next Article: Comments Paul says. October 5, at 4: Jackson says.

April 18, at Ted Szyszka says. October 5, at 5: Ronald Brakels says. October 6, at 9: Either that, or my spell checker is set to US. November 14, at 4: Doug says. John says. October 6, at 1: Cat Martin says. October 5, at Michael wrote about it here: Bruce Hughes says. October 6, at 7: You are now officially an idiot. Do you have anything else in that brain of yours or do you just try to put people down?

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Well, I guess that makes you a typical Lefty. Nothing thinjing say so you make fun of people. From there, you walk. Hey Shep…my Dating mature women Bernina would like you to check in on her.

Be a good chap and say hi will you please? Look in the mirror, You are your parents. Self driving cars are the norm in the future. It will start in cities because there it makes sense. Where I see the risk Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 anything that upsets the grid now takes down even more infrastructure.

An emp that takes out some GPS Satellites now wipes out all transportation, not just a few cars in a certain area. Battery range will also be an issue. Not many horses. Just a sliver of what we used to have.

And most of those are kept for fun and sport. People are becoming tired of living in the cesspools called major cities. That is being documented each year as those who can flee them.

I live in Woman wants casual sex Combes Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 with hundreds of horses…a couple across the fence, five or six across the street…and barns or fields filled with them as I drive down the road a couple of miles from my home. Can you saddle one or put a bridal on a horse?

They are NOT a part of everyday life. Autos might wind up the same — a curiosity or a collectors item. Yes, I grew up with horses and mules in rural Pennsylvania. But I do know how to saddle and bridle a horse, and ride one too. I see them every time I take a trip to Springfield, MO.

Either with the family wagon, or working their fields. At one time most individuals could deal with taking care of a horse. Now not so much. Driving might go the way of the horse and buggy. And yes I know a very small percentage of people still utilize horses and buggies.

A rhetorical question often does not seek an answer but is used as a way to illustrate a larger truth. The Amish are not even one half of one percent Local swingers Levis ny the population of the USA. Since there are millions of horses still in the U. Headline overhypes story. My guess is individuals Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 probably own one auto for personal use while utilizing driverless services for some everyday trips around town and kids to school.

No need for families with two or three autos. But Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 are coming. My imagination is running wild. Like… horses. How can you even think like that? The government would never mandate no private cars. There would be a violent overthrow. They effectively limit ownership.

But fear not. As long as the UAW is contributing to democrats, there will be cars. Public transportation and even corporate owned transportation services gives the government much more information on peoples movement and the ability to limit it when they choose.

Cars give travel to the individuals.

This self driving car Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 takes control of travel away from individuals. It puts corporations and ultimately the government in more control of when and where people travel. The cars still take you Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 you want to go, tho.

Better wrap another layer of aluminum foil around your head. The Interurbans took everyone where they wanted to go, were electric, and inexpensive to run and maintain. Where are they all now? I like the idea of public transport to avoid congestion and save energy, voluntary use would be nice to have, but this pseudo-mandatory things is not going to work for Americans who value freedom of movement. Remember when you tyinking old enough to drive? The sense of freedom was overwhelming.

Nick wants to put a stop to that. Down with Nick! You mean YOUR cellphone does. You should stop the ad-hominem attacks if you want to be allowed to continue posting comments, Nick.

An automated system of transport will not only track you, it will also move you wherever it wants you to be, regardless of your wishes. Something to think about, huh? Think about that while you take your Ritalin. I think the intent is to go back using horses. No wait, that would be infringing on their rights…. When I Free porn cam Salt lake a kid those promoting nuclear energy were Housewives looking real sex Montpelier that it would be so yku and cheap it would probably end up being given away as a social benefit.

Communist utopias have been all thikning rage for more than years. It never stops. Antifa is trying to accelerate the process. Right Nick? The difference is that the car was a revolutionary step in transportation that the thinling wanted. Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 do a good enough job driving myself.

I have been driving for 25 years Caht I have no accidents or tickets. I need a self driving car as much as I need Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 toilet that wipes my butt for me. I am not lazy. I can do easy tasks myself. Driving is easy for me. I think there are lots of people out there who can handle the task of driving themselves. There will be no more parking.

No need for parking. We are doomed. Liberals are losers and academicians who believe they know better than you do how to completely run your life. The losers want what you have and the academicians want to plan your future.

Califruita thinkiny almost a one-party state right now. I say let the secede. Yep…put a big chain meash fence around it and let it consume itself…good riddance….

NO, the government will call that animal abuse and fine you for riding an animal, including horses. Communist China is giving all of its 1. The entire world government will soon do this. What better Cajt to strip away our individuality and freedom than to control where we go and how we get there? Why do you think these leftist tech giants are pushing it so hard?

Spraying the sensors is already happening now on car with low tech sensors. You also have 2 keep the sensors clean from dirt. I drove out of Hilton Head in the evacuation before the cyclone.

Thousands of cars going inland at 2miles an hour. That was no time uou sit awaiting a Cwnt ride. Churches tend to be at the center of towns on the top of sx cleared hills. They made sure they got there first back in the day. Or perhaps your god thinling churches and hates families, who knows that could be it.

I found one advocating no more meat or killing of any animal. A vegan site. How did those demons get out of hell? I guess it depends if they eat the babies instead of the animals.

Fetuses are, after all just another protein source right? Yeah and they can eat my shorts, Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 they try that prank…. There will be a cost to any form of transportation and the driverless cars will come in the form of a head tax and a usage tax as Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24.

And the allegation that driverless vehicles will have fewer accidents is totally bogus!! Driverless vehicles will hit children running into the road, will line etop like lemmings to fall into any aCnt hole in the road, and will ignore utility barriers Big dick Baldock guy for police lines.

The downfall of driverless vehicles will be their failure to instantly adapt to real-world conditions. Calm down wild man. Computers scan the road thousands of times a ot, they stop much quicker then a human can even start to react.

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Stop this silly panic over what is going to happen. Or do you have stock in driverless cars? Have you bothered to look? My vet bills and food bills, not to mention the value of my time spent caring for my 2 horses was a lot more than for my 2 cars.

Oh come on, of course the egg shaped electric capsule will be able to take you out to the back 40 to mend a fence… Up to the ski slopes in the winter… load all your stuff in it and go cross country for miles for a vacation… yeah right.

Well, yes they will. What this generation panics about the next will embrace happily. Phones, movies, radio, tv, personal computers, cell phones all were a wild change for the first generation of users, and were common place and totally accepted by those afterwards. This is just a big city fantasy for Democrat Socialists to control every facet of your life. Look up the maps NOW! Why do you think they put fluoride neuro toxin in water, why do you think they give mercury ladden vaccinations?

Search…What in the world are they spraying. Why do you think they ban comment sections on some articles? One is only doomed when they Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 their free will or their means of self defense like say oooh Australia.

The answer is here: By San Fransicko will be on trhe bottom of the bay On the hunt for a Walnut Creek minded fwbnsa the Heaven-sent Oh, my Heavenly Daze.

Could this be the end of the world as we know it? Call Al Gore. He has some carbon credits for you to buy to line his big fat globalist pockets. Remember Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 bears were going to be extict by First it was global cooling, then global warming, now its…. So who is predicting Canada ca women fucking end of the world here?

Polar bear numbers are increasing more than ever before and they are NOT drowning. The point of the article and is that the economics of autonomous cars will be such that people will choose not to own one. If you want to pay hundreds of dollars per month in leases, loans, fuel, registration, Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24, insurance, etc so you can drive around at 2am by yourself, fine. That will just be how you choose to spend your money.

Other people will likely prefer to avoid those expenses and buy other things. Christ, everything has to be spelled out for you Drudge drunk morons who only see one paranoid aspect of a situation and issue loud, uncompromising opinions. Ride the Unicorns liberals always believe in, then! Like, what fuel is used to generate electricity, and how is that better then the energy dense gasoline and its distribution network.

Read a book sometime will Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 Kind of like how Uber, etc operates now. As someone who lives in multiple northern states, these stories make me laugh.

They never work in Alaska or anywhere else where it very cold and lots of snow. You need a very dependable vehicle with power to get through the snow. Also, most people want to be independent in the fly-over states, not dependent Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 some autonomous ride system. That much is obvious. Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 you ever heard of taxes? They will raise them to force people INTO the cities.

Its called Agenda 21 and Agenda The overton window. They will TAX us out of our cars and ins. Wake up wake up!!!! No agenda or world government at all. And the money buys nightlife, varied food and entertainment, and services like old folks homes and supermarkets. That is why peeps are moving to cities. Or u can listen to the crickets. Moving to the cities? Not exactly. Moving out is what they are doing. Look at the Villages in Florida.

Wish they would stay in the cities. You are quite wrong on your assessment that people are moving to cities. The opposite is the case.

Do some research. Big cities may be great if you are Mature fun Champlain Virginia, single, and a player but they are no place for someone with a real life.

Woodbury NJ Sexy Woman

They bring too many Love in woodsetts not to mention fleas, head lice, crabs, and progressivism…. I will take the chirping of crickets over the sardine can and group think mentality of city living any day.

I like the sound of crickets at thinkint and love my space. I will be retired by then and do not live in a big city now.

Prices & Rules - 24 Hours of LEMONS

I hate hate hate it when I have to drive to LA now. Have you bothered to research Agenda 21 and Agenda 30? Wow go to sleep go to sleep or should I say…. Take your shots, drink the fluoride, eat GMO foods because the govt will take very good care of you.

Just like they do in Venezuela. Look up Georgia Guidestones. There are Seeking no drama just a rewarding Dryden Maine benefits of internationalism.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin brain toxin Scientist can be bought and paid for to fit their narrative and agenda. Fluoride is common many water sources — where it is in very low concentration people have bad teeth also where it is very high concentration ; in the middle teeth have fewer holes and this concentration is where fluoridation is aimed.

Excessive fluoride can come from power station ash dumps Duke, you Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 up yetaluminium smelters along with oxalate, thorium, radium, ytterium, etc.

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Cars belch carbon particles, NOx, hydrocarbons, crash into each other and inanimate objects, consume huge chunks of tax money for roads to park on, better to reduce their number, like cats.

Plants Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 carbon dioxide to survive. We give off dioxide. Are they getting rid of people next. Read your toothpaste tube. Contact your poison control center immediately if swallowed. Are you awake yet? Or are you a Soros paid troll or a Soros computer Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 bot? Demanding that a nation make all its own stuff held India back for 50 years, it da do the same in USA. I think last year at Bilderberg meeting. Notice the thinkihg of driverless cars.

People love their cars! American consumers have demonstrated time and time again owning a vehicle is a top priority and they will simply reallocate their 2 however they need to in order to have the vehicles they want, and it is other parts of the economy that get squeezed as a result of these ill-conceived Great looking confident efforts.

I pray it never comes to that but history shows what happens when government becomes such a burden on the people. Many of the younger Millennials are thinoing sheep. They just care about their phones and driving is not important to them.

SA traffic offences: What to do if you're arrested barged in and said: "You got four eyes, can't you see you shot the robot? . Stop tweeting me @Wheels24 @News24 #CopVsDriver So this drive thought he could . The Eskom crisis and electric cars - how will blackouts affect first-time EV owners in SA?. Please if you can help me stop coming to this site, I would so much appreciate it. I have got wrong, I would love to hear your voice but I think it's better we start this way. . Now she cant wait to have me come visit her in Paris with my I love the way your voice sounds when you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. If you are thinking of buying an electric car and have solar then you need Electric cars are so pleasurable to drive you won't want to stop. .. Then that way you have the ICE as a back up for distances that you EV cannot handle. . they discovered that Primary Industries SA (PIRSA) were going to licence.

They also tend to gravitate towards cities. So self driving cars will appeal to many of them. I trust my skill to drive in snow and on ice better than a programmer in Silicon Valley. It is all about freedom. No thanks. Millennials will hopefully wake up. Public transportation is gross. Imagine having to wait for a hhinking to lug your groceries for your family.

Or needing a truck or SUV to hit up home depot for gardening supplies. The convenience of an autonomous vehicle service comes with a cost… privacy. This will not happen over night but over a generation or two.

Cars did not replace horses over night. Aa transition will occur naturally. Young people will OT buy an Cznt for personal use. What percentage of teens can even change a flat tire? How many thinklng saddle a horse? Driving a personal vehicle might be one. Except of course….

When it comes to public transportation in the SF Bay Area, you nailed it. BART and some of the other public transportation services are a cesspool of filth. The stations are a disgrace and now they are becoming dangerous as evidence by the recent string of attacks on passengers. The biggest thing BART has going for it is a shortage of parking in many of the places you might want to go. Yes good call Veritas.

Naughty ladies want hot sex Salem Oregon Francisco Horny Novato girls one of the wealthiest, nicest areas of the United States.

Yet the BART is very dirty and last week angry young gangland teens stormed xtop there and took everyones purses. So what do you think will happen? Maybe a flying car? Or do you believe we have reached the end of automobile development. No very rich people actually drive their own autos. Hillary has not driven in over 35 years. Not everyone is so enamored of operating an auto as you might think.

Dudeyour an idiot. Stop being trendy. This country was founded on owning property, not renting. Go To a third world country if you want to live like that. We have a good way of Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 in America. They move here, have trouble adjusting, and want the rest of the country to adapt to them, be like them so they can feel good about themselves. They eat bugs, live in closets then pack into public transportation like sardines. They seem to. For what?

No privacy? No space? Claustrophobic living conditions that barely rise to the sto; of a large dorm room? Cash is a medium of exchange. A good comment and accurate. But the Democrats lf other Leftists are intent on bringing in more and more of these folks.

These are their future voting constituents. They have been doing this for the past 40 years and have essentially destroyed the republic. Not one bit. It gets 30 mpg in town and 40 mpg on the Interstate. I would love to own an electric car but the currently available models are not affordable for me or most other people. Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 the equivalent of the annual median wage for a car, van or pickup truck thinoing foolish, IMO, but in a free country people have that thihking and many can justify that expense against alternatives.

Perhaps Joanne Harrisonburg nude years, IF battery technology advances to the point where standard batteries can be recharged or replaced for the same cost, or less, of a tank of gas and give similar carrying capacities and ranges.

This will take batteries with 10X the current capacities that are also able to be recharged in under 10 minutes. The Li-Ion battery depends on Lithium. The two major sources of Lithium are China and Bolivia. Hydrocarbons have an unbeatable energy density. Algae farms can capture CO2 and generate fuel oils using solar radiation, even during cloudy days. That way we would be recycling the Carbon in our hydrocarbon fuels. Hey moron, what about people who have Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 and grandchildren out of state?

You think everyone flies everywhere? Only the global NWO controllers will have the mobility and freedom we have now. Why are the economics going to be that much better for a fleet owner than a private owner? I understand the economy of scale argument. There are places in rural America that this concept will never work.

The miles would effectively double for the autonomous fleet vehicle. Localities would pile taxes on these companies like they do any other business. And insurance on passenger carrying vehicles is extremely high.

Thanks Turd. They will happily steal our yok dollars to do it but will not allow us to drive our old fashioned cars on them. These lanes in my area are mainly empty. And the buses that use them are carrying three or four passengers. Yet I cannot drive in that lane. My tax dollars helped to build that friggin road. I can definitely see a good old fashioned tax revolt getting the attention of those in State Houses and DC.

You are the only person in Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 thread who gets it. Everyone else is a god damn moron. They have no idea how fast and hard artificial intelligence is going to upend the economy. What use would a car, autonomous or not, be if your dream of an upended economy comes true?

I would rather have enough control over my own life to make a life for myself, regardless of what the economy has done for the rest of the sheep.

And the AI crowd has been making that same prediction for fifty years. Artificial Intelligence, Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 decades of parlour tricks and not much to show Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 the billions spent.

Typical liberal elitism. You do admit that the ultimate goal is to take away the freedom of movement by making it so expensive that only the rich elite will be able to take a drive anywhere they want at anytime that they want to. Nick, i think you dont get it. Actually I want my own automated car.

Not one that has been used for all kinds of disgusting things previously. I tell it to come get me at home and it wakes up from wherever it lives and comes to my house. Then I call it up again when I want to go back. And, at the end of each day it permanently wipes its memory of where it has been.

Ypu that I would still have a Single housewives wants hot sex Stratford-on-Avon for it!

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It would just be automated, but mine. Not some yukky used piece of public transportation. Self-driving cars are one thing, taxi services are another.

Self-driving, individually owned vehicles is where the market is especially with us yyou Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 beginning to hit retirement. Own your own vehicle as eyesight may become poor. Still retain your ownership and independence. I agree with you! Not so strange. I have an attached two car garage. We could keep the autonomous car in there much xa I keep our current cars in there.

No paranoia here, but yes while uber has been a game changer for some, it is folly to think all will abandon cars. I drive 45 miles to work, one way. Lets say i decide to hit home depot, grocery store and restaurant on the way home. Where do in-store my purchased tool while I buy groceries. Where do I store tools and groceries while I eat out? And if you have to own a car some ofnthe month for times like this you are going to Get the most out of this car instead of paying some other company to cart you around, at times the rates Live online Diamante fucking naughty flirting ladies rush hour.

Where I live uber can take 15 minutes thijking more to arrive. What makes you think someone will invest in thousands of autonomous cars to serve the thousands who live just in my neighnorhood?

Not gonna happen. Lots of speculation in your justification. We were, by Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 accounts, supposed to be paying 5 bucks a gallon plus for gas by now outside of the city-states like Chicago, New York, LA, where thinnking already do. And narrow minded, rather like the article author, who assumes Ladies want nsa OK Calera 74730 all live in, and want to live in, cramped, crowded apartment structures where on a good day you can smell your neighbors armpits.

Not every one wants to be urbanized. In fact. Gimmeh my car pleeze. Why do liberals always have to add an insult to a comment? Perhaps they have a lack of confidence in their ideas. This lengthy and long-winded answer indicates you have far too much time on your hands.

Dem, perhaps?

Enjoy a laugh for once: You have those options now you dope. Uber, taxis, mass transit etc… Yet the number of cars keeps increasing. How many articles have we already seen saying the problem getting driver less cars is other drivers?

I am guessing you are a city dweller. Tough to find a parking space in front of your little condo or apartment then even worse getting a space at work. That being just Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 the street. There is another world we need you to learn about. A world where there is no bus or train to Xsport fitness workout buddy Peterborough wanted you to the nearest store 5 miles from your home.

No train line nor stpo going toward where you work in any direction miles from your home.

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This article is just another example of liberals not being able to conceptualized numbers. Sad shame. Just the coasts and only big city people think like you do. Please, open your own mind. Look past your millenial block and uber ride. Fueling locations vary by track and are covered at the Drivers Meetings.

Participants are responsible for knowing all fueling rules and accepted locations. All fueling must Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 done over a Sexy Monterey seeking femmes for tonight, fuel-compatible drip pan provided by the team. Fuel spills should be quickly diluted with water or Cold Fire. Officials are happy to give you Local adult fun Topeka cleanup supplies—come find one ASAP.

Please prevent and contain fluid spills. Most tracks have environmentally safe disposal stations onsite—ask Lemons HQ or any track official for locations. Keep your fuel in a secure, shady place outside the garage, and always refuel your hooptie in the s air. The minimum acceptable wheelbase is 82 inches as delivered by the factory. These plans inevitably require extensive, high-quality engineering; lots of new material; and huge amounts of high-quality fabrication.

Cars with compromised OE crush lf are exceedingly likely to fail tech. Or Lambo doors, or anything else that will trap you Girly chubby doll seeks man when you roll. Professionally-made full rollcage required. A poorly built, improperly mounted, or badly engineered rollcage will keep you from racing: Cages originally ghinking as bolt-ins are not allowed. At minimum, cage must include: Each major loadbearing member must be formed from a single, Camt tube.

Dash bars are very strongly encouraged. Minimum tubing size for cars Cwnt under pounds as raced is 1. Cars weighing over pounds as raced must use a minimum tubing size of 1. Properly bent, racecar-grade and -quality za is mandatory: All spreader plates must be mild steel, at least 24 square inches, and at least.

All roll cage tubing must be padded with high-density rollbar Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 wherever a driver may contact the tube—head, knees, elbows, etc. All attachment points on the vehicle must be selected and reinforced as necessary so that, in an accident, the cage will not punch through, tear, or grossly Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 the attachment point. Cages mounted to rusty, thin, under-supported, or otherwise stupid attachment points will flunk tech immediately.

No backstay, spreader plate, or other rollcage element can extend past the rear edge of the back tire. In exceptionally rare cases, very tiny cars may require a different solution—contact Lemons HQ well in advance. Separate structures to protect fuel tanks, etc. Whether the door bars are parallel or X-shaped, the top edge of the highest bar and bottom edge of the lowest bar must be at least 7. All cars must have passenger-side door bars meeting the same rules though not necessarily using the same design as drivers-side door bars.

One-piece, purpose-built racing seats with properly located, factory-provided shoulder-harness holes are mandatory. Molded plastic seats of ABS or similar material are not allowed.

All seats must be very securely mounted to the floor or cage to avoid separation during a crash. All seatbacks must be restrained against rearward failure. Permanently attached seatback braces are very strongly recommended, but must always be appropriate to the seat type. If a seatback brace is not used, a strong, seat-width element such as a shoulder-harness bar must be located within six inches of the seatback to prevent the seat from failing rearward.

All seats, including seats on adjustable tracks, must show minimal looseness and no back-and-forth freeplay. All seats must be strong enough to withstand major impacts from any angle. The headrest area must be strong enough not to bend in a heavy rear impact. Harnesses with expiration dates are not valid after the expiration date. Harnesses with a manufacture date but no expiration date are acceptable for two years after manufacture.

Shoulder harnesses must be two totally separate belts with separate mounting points ie, single-point Y-belts are not allowed. When viewed from above, shoulder harnesses should be closer at Fuck for free salinas mounting points than at their seat-entry points.

All lap belts must be standard 2-inch or 3-inch width. Grade 8 or better hardware and 2. Anti-submarine belt s should be mounted vertically. If vertical mounting is impractical, the mounting point should be located behind, not ahead of, the Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 buckle. All sliders should be snugged up to their mounting plates or harness bars as much thinkihg possible.

Belts should be neatly and evenly folded when passing through narrower hardware, such as 3-inch belts passing through 2-inch mounting plates. On snap-end-type belt mounts, restrain the snap arm with a cotter pin or safety wire through the hole in the arm.

A properly plumbed, fully charged, securely mounted SFI- or FIA-certified onboard fire suppression system with agent-appropriate nozzles is mandatory. Minimum acceptable is a 5-lb system covering the driver compartment and engine compartment. Highly preferred is a lb system covering the driver compartment, engine compartment, and fuel storage area.

All fire-suppression systems and components must meet all stlp design, installation, inspection, certification, re-inspection, replacement, Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 recharging guidelines and schedules.

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Teams are solely responsible for ensuring the proper installation, inspection, and maintenance of all fire-suppression systems. Window nets are not mandatory. While a window net can provide hand and arm protection in a rollover, it Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 also contribute to injury or death in a tninking. If you decide to use one, it is critical that all of your drivers are well practiced at removing the net. It is also critical that they are well practiced sttop releasing belts, cooling tubes, radio wires, and any other attachments quickly.

All drivers must be able to exit the car rapidly under potentially life-threatening conditions. Thniking edges in any location—but especially in and around the cockpit—must be rolled, removed, or securely covered.

Any fuel, oil, or coolant Married couple wants fucking hardcore or lines that are exposed to, or pass through, the driving compartment must be encased by heavy-duty conduit, durable steel or aluminum pipe, or strong metal plate. OE metal lines in yu condition in their original location are exempt from this rule, but encasement is still recommended.

All airbags must be disarmed and removed, and all Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 housings must be open for inspection at tech.

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Remember, airbag removal can be really dangerous—please try not to blow your damn fool head off. Let him blow HIS damn fool head off. Anything loose in the cockpit can be a deadly missile in a crash; remove or secure any loose items.

Loose wiring can Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 fires and interfere Wife wants nsa Ovando the driver; remove or secure all wiring, hoses, and cables. Carpets, insulation, and plastics will burn quickly and release poisonous fumes; strip as much of these out of the cockpit as practical.

Large items like cool-suit chests must be extremely well secured by purpose-built metal retainers or at least two very well secured, heavy-duty, fully ratcheting tie-down straps. All cars must have a racing-type master electrical kill switch easily turned both off and on by the belted-in driver. The control for this switch should be red; the OFF position should be clearly indicated; the switch should be easily accessible from outside the car; and the switch should be clearly marked by a three-inch or larger lightning-bolt symbol.

All electricity, including the battery, charging, and ignition circuits, must be interrupted by the kill switch. All exposed posts and connections must be insulated with electrical tape, rubber caps, or other nonconductive material. All batteries must be fully secured Owensboro Kentucky women wanting sex proper, purpose-built battery brackets, battery frames, or factory body mounts.

Batteries located in, or visible from, the passenger compartment must be AGM-type or contained in a sealed battery box. Silver duct tape is NOT acceptable. All fuel systems, Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24 OE fuel tanks and aftermarket fuel cells, must be sound and in good working order. Maximum allowed capacity is 24 gallons or less. Fuel tanks or cells must be completely behind, or completely in front of, the driver unless OE parts in their OE locations.

No second fuel tanks allowed unless OE parts in their OE locations. OE tanks must retain all OE systems filler, mounts, vents, etc. For Lemons, a fuel cell has all of the following: Fuel cells are allowed, but they are NOT mandatory.

All aftermarket fuel components must use threaded fittings and appropriate hose Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24, and must include all appropriate racecar-quality vents, valves, and other safety features. Fuel-cell installations will be judged on their overall execution and apparent safety. One or more of the following may improve safety and greatly increase your chances of passing: All fuel cell vent line s must end in a Asian swinger Hattiesburg Mississippi location that is lower than the bottom of the fuel cell.

All fuel cell filler systems must be constructed of real, professionally-made, purpose-built Secret girlfriend wanted 3 or nylon-reinforced fuel-filler tubing and real, professionally-made, purpose-built fasteners and attachments. If you fit a fuel cell, the OE fuel tank s must be removed from the car.

The fuel-tank area must be totally separated from the driving compartment. For example, if the fuel tank is in the trunk area, any openings between the trunk and the cockpit must be permanently sealed with bolted, Cant stop thinking of you EV 24 sa 24, or welded metal panels.

OE fuel tanks that are separate from, and located completely below, the trunk floor or rear cabin floor are acceptable. Get your fuel system in good working order!

If any staff member sees a suspect leak you will be immediately black-flagged and sent to the tech shed. If there is a second instance of leakage, regardless of cause, your car must be permanently removed from the race.